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Case Study Method of Teaching.

Case study method of teaching

Nursing case study method is mainly use for the nursing care prepared by a nursing students. A case study refers to the depth examination of a particular cases. For example case studies in medicine may specially focuses on a patient. 


Case study method is defined as the study or observation about a patient case in a particular specific period of time a prepare a nursing care plan. 

Types of case study method of teaching. 

There are two types of case study method based on from of presentation. 

  • 1. Written case study. 

Written case study method is helpful for the patient as well as students. It helps the students to develop the writing skills. If a patient is unable to talk, the patient can express his/ her own feelings in the form of written. 

  • 2. Verbal case study. 

Oral case study provide opportunities to gain public speaking behavior. So, it is an important case study method. 

Purposes of case study method. 

  1. To learning nursing education. 
  2. To identify the patient problems. 
  3. Prepare effective care plan. 
  4. Improving writing skills and verbal communication skills. 
  5. Develops the critical and reflective thinking while solving the patients problems. 
  6. For respect the patients rights. 
  7. For provide help to the health team. 

Principles case study method.

  1. Nursing case study should effective for the patients. 
  2. It should be care and treat for the patients. 
  3. It should have problem solving skills. 
  4. Nurse patients relationship should be build. 
  5. Special emphasis should be made on patient learning. 


  • It develops the students cognitive process. 
  • Case study method is develop the students idea and observation skills. 
  • It is improve writing skills. 
  • This method is help the students to learn the individual differences among the patients. 


  • Lot of time is required to rewrite the case study in an acceptable form. 
  • It sometime expensive for buying case study materials. 

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