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What is Workshop Method of Teaching?

Workshop method of teaching

Workshop is refers to develop the learner thinking skills. The learners are interest to do practical to gain a lot of specified knowledge. The workshop is for the problem solving. The participants come together in a room and fiend solution for the problem. 

It is defined as a group of people having common problems. They are share their problem with others. And the main objective of their meeting is to improve their individual skills through discussion and study. 

Objectives of workshop method of teaching.

  1. The main objectives of workshop is to improve the thinking or psychomotor skills among the participants. 
  2. Improves the learners understanding skills. 
  3. developing the problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. 
  4. To makes the learner expert in cognitive process. 
  5. It is helpful for the development of individual personality. 
  6. To provide philosophical and sociological ground for teaching and learning. 
  7. It is useful for effective teaching learning activity. 
  8. It develops the teaching activity. 

Scope of workshop.

Workshop is a effective teaching method. In this teaching method discuss about the problems related study among the participants. It provide a better technique for teaching. And it is very helpful for the categories study. 

Principles of workshop. 

  1. All learners should set a goal and achieved during the workshop. 
  2. It needs to motivate the learners in workshop. 
  3. Make the effective teaching learning process. 
  4. Workshop should promote cooperation among team members. 
  5. It should be towards the positive attitude. 

Preparation of workshop.

There are three stages of preparation of workshop 

Stage-I. Preservation of theme. 

Before start the workshop teaching, arrange the presentation theme. The presentation theme should be topic related, appropriate size, clear manner 

Stage-II. Application or practice. 

In the second stage the group is divided into small group. In this small group one expert person is given for responsibility and guidance for the work performed. 

Stage-III. Evaluation. 

After the second stage all members are meet one site and given opportunities to discuss the work done by them. And then evaluate the work. 


  • It is an appropriate method to development of thinking skills. 
  • It helps to understanding the concept. 
  • Workshop method is very useful for study. 
  • Easy to understand the topic through the workshop method. 


  • It is time consuming method. 
  • Workshop only suitable for groups of 8-10 participants not for large group. 
  • Sometime it is expensive for arrangement of the presentation theme. 

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