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Field Trip Method of Teaching.

Field trip method of teaching. 

Field trip is refers to the visit a place. The field trips may be educational or organization. Which are students or individual visit the natural setting and beautiful place. Where the visitors can gain knowledge observing places, objects, phenomenon. It is a one type of learning method. So, it is the realistic method of teaching and learning. 

Purposes of field trip method of teaching.

Purposes of of field trips are includes – 

  1. To gain the real information. 
  2. Reducing the students stress. 
  3. To develop the students thinking and observation skills. 
  4. Supplement the teaching in the classroom. 

Organization of field trip. 

A planning of field trip is requires careful planning, implementation and evaluation of the work done. In planning stage we are plan for trip and choose the place. In implementation stage we are confirm a date and time of visit. Transportation is arranged and students are briefed about the visit in advance. And then go to trip and enjoy. Evaluation stage the students will write observation report and verify by the teacher. 

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Guidelines for field trip. 

  • Select the place after receiving the specific education objectives. 
  • Prepare the checklist. 
  • Prepare a schedule and the route to be followed for trip. 
  • Teacher should be guide the students. 
  • Students should observe the educational objectives of the field trip. 


  1. Field trip is provide real life experience to the students. 
  2. This is improve our observation and thinking and learning skills. 
  3. It is a method of teaching and learning. 
  4. It improves our motivation towards positive goals. 
  5. A lot of knowledge can gain from the field trip. 
  6. Learning occurring as a result of field trip is a permanent one. 


Field trip advantages are as following – 

  1. More expensive. 
  2. A lot of time is requires for field trip. 
  3. If there are large member of students, they need to be monitored carefully by dividing into small groups. 
  4. Safety precautions required while going out of college. 

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