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Role Play Method of Teaching! Teachers Role, Advantages.

Role play method of teaching. 

Role play is a acting which is acts related to the topic problems. It is a teaching method. In this method the role player show some acting or drama. The participants or students are observe the behavior of the drama and they are remember in mind. Through the role play we can the problems. So, it is other wise known as socio-drama. 

It is defined as acting out by the player which is discuss the topic in a dramatic manner. 

There is a verbal or written explanation of the simulated in which the participants are act our without any rehearsal. 

It is very useful method of teaching used in nursing. Role play helps them to acquire skills in matters related to human behavior or relations . It helps to understand the social or community problem. So, role play is plays an important role in teaching and nursing field. 

The role play is perform in front of a group. Where is the audience or students are observe or listen the acting or topic. The role player explain or discuss the particular topic in a dramatic manner. 

Steps involved in role play. 

There are three steps in role play- 

  • 1. Planning phase. 

In this phase problem is select with the help of group member. And then they are study or rehearsal about the topic and setup the role play scene all the member participating in role play are briefed regarding their role. There is time limited to discuss each other. 

  • 2. Implementation and 3. evaluation phase. 

There is role play is enacted in front of the audience and same is followed by the discussion. At the end, group head summarizes the main point of the role play. 

Objectives of role play. 

  • Provide educational information. 
  • Analyze the situation. 
  • Develop the cognitive process. 
  • To apply the learned principles of teaching and learning in a given situation. 

Role of teacher in role play method of teaching. 

Teacher has important role in role play. At first teacher defines the problems with acting manner. The teacher should give correct information related to the topic. The teacher can show some pictures in understanding purpose. Teachers should give adequate time to discussion the topic. 

The teacher should make the role play flexible and brief. It should not be more than 10-15 minutes. Analysis and evaluation is important of the learning benefits. 


  1. It is helps to develop the cognitive process. 
  2. It helps to learning skills. 
  3. They learn the problem solving approach. 
  4. Role play helps to the participants to develop the skills, communication, leadership interviewing and social interaction. 
  5. Improve our acting or dramatic skills.  
  6. Role play improves our understanding skills. 
  7. The role play help to improve our critical thinking and makes a confidence. 
  8. Social problems identify through the role play. 


  • Sometime it time consumes. 
  • Students may gets confusion. 
  • Role play should be carefully planned under expert guidance and leadership of the teacher. 

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