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Panel Discussion Notes! Guidelines and Advantages.

Panel discussion. 

Panel discussion is teaching method which is discuss a topic in a small group. Its a small group discussion but it is beneficial for the big group or large project. The panel discussion requires active discussion among the participant. 

It is a face to face discussion such as business meeting, team work and institutional discussion. Panel discussion can be public or educational discussion. It is special type of discussion where limited members of people discuss in front of the large members of people/ audience. This is provide factual information, ideas, opinions, and business conversation by the participants. 

This method known as democratic teaching method because it is based on the theory of modern organization. According to this theory every member of organization has own problem solving skills.  


  • Providing new information and facts. 
  • To identify the problems and solve the problems with high development. 
  • To stimulate through process and critical thinking. 
  • Developing the audience attitude. 
  • For discuss organizational deals and institutional up gradation also. 
  • And provide the conceptual knowledge. 

Panel discussion guidelines.

  1. In the panel discussion limited participants can join. 
  2. It should be discipline discussion. 
  3. Discussion should be useful for the audience. 
  4. Information should be correct. 
  5. Help the participants to identify an issue or topic of their interest that may have different option. 
  6. Decide the format for panel discussion.  
  7. Arrange the all equipment and rehearsal before actual panel discussion. 

So, these are the important guidelines for the panel discussion. 

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Organization panel discussion. 

A panel discussion is mainly consists of four persons such as instructor, moderator, panelist and audience. 

The chair person is select the topic and start the discussion. The chair is directing a question towards one particular person. 

The instructor has the responsibility of organizing the panel discussion. The moderator has the major job to conduct the discussion on the selected theme. But the panelist is inter among the group members. In this panel discussion every speakers is given the opportunity to speak for adequate time period. 

Chair person analyze the discussion either it is healthy or not. The entire discussion should be in a conversation manner. 

While panel discussion is going on the audience has the opportunity to ask questions and make constructive contribution. In last time or end of the time the chair person summarizes all the points discussed in the panel discussion. So, the chair person dismiss the panel discussion. 


There are so advantages of panel discussion as following- 

  • The panel discussion is provide new or correct facts and information. 
  • It improves our cognitive skills. 
  • There is no create confusion because face to face conversation. 
  • Panel discussion attracts the audience attention. 
  • It is very helpful our problem solving. 
  • It improves our knowledge skills and makes a confidence to speak in front of people. 
  • Panel discussion helps to achieving the goals. 


There is no major disadvantages. 

  • It is time consuming exercise, requires a lot of preparation of organizers. 
  • Some of the members of the panel may try to dominate the session and not allow others to speak. 

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