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Self Instructional Module Meaning and Components.

Self instructional module. 

Self instructional module is a process of learning which the students are learn without help of any teacher or trainer. It is a concept learning method. The students are achieve concept/ meaning by see the books, google, posture etc. So, it is called self conceptual learning. 

It is one type of self learning where the students are focuses on the self development and self education. 

Self instructional module Components. 

The self instructional module components are include-

  • Concept/ topic. 
  • Behavioral objectives. 
  • Pretest. 
  • Learning activities. 
  • Self education tools. 
  • Post test. 

Development of self instructional module. 

Development of self instructional module is complete by the three phases – 

  • 1. Preparatory phase. 

Books, google, posture etc are the sources of data or information. In preparatory phase there is collection of data. After collection of data, identify the aim or goal and arrange the tools in the form of self instructional module. 

  • 2. Implementation phase. 

In implementation phase is includes the process of definition, preparation production, utilization of the self learning module. The process of production very depending on sources of data/ information of the self instructional module. 

  • 3. Evaluation phase. 

In evaluation phase there is checking of result of self instructional module. The evaluation can be done by input and output process. It evaluate the students knowledge is develop or not. 


  1. Students can gain knowledge in detail manner. 
  2. It is useful method to those who are not interested in classroom learning. 
  3. It is develop the self concept and cognitive skills. 
  4.  Self instructional module improves our problem solving skills. 


  1. Sometime there is difficulty to collect the information. 
  2. It is hard learning process than classroom learning. 
  3. It takes more time to understand the concept. 
  4. High level of motivation is required on the part of learner as learning takes place independently. 
  5. There is no direct interaction between teacher and students. 

So, these are advantages of self instructional module. 

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