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Methods of Clinical Teaching in Nursing.

Methods of clinical teaching.

Clinical teaching methods are used to study about the patients. In this method we are study about the patient condition, status, observation, discussed treatment, care etc. The clinical methods such as case method, nursing records and report, bedside clinic, conference, process recording nursing process and concept mapping etc. These methods are best methods for teaching clinical skills. 

By this method we are care and treatment of the patients. These methods are given by the clinical instructor, tutors, doctors, ward sisters etc. The main objective of these method to give better care and treatment. The doctors are treats and the nurses are care of the patients. 

Clinical teaching is defined as an organized clinical instruction for the learner in the presence of patient. In clinical teaching method the learner manages patients in a setting that maximizes learning. 


  • To give knowledge about patient to the students. 
  • To gain knowledge and understand concepts related to patient care. 
  • Gaining clinical knowledge. 
  • To acquire good communication skills. 
  • Building nurse patient relationship.
  • Giving nursing education to the students.

Role of teacher in clinical teaching methods.

Teacher plays an important role in clinical teaching. Teacher should have a positive attitudes toward teaching. The teacher should have friendship relation among the students. He is provides knowledge by demonstration, practically and proceduratic manner. And he is evaluate the students knowledge and performance. 


There are so many advantages – 

  1. It provides knowledge about the patients. 
  2. It is helpful for better treatment. 
  3. We learn patient condition in practically in the presence of patient. 
  4. It promotes problem solving skills. 
  5. We can gain knowledge and the hospital environment. 
  6. It provide information about the medical management. 

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