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What is Demonstration Method of Teaching?

Demonstration Method of teaching. 

Demonstration method of teaching is a presentation teaching method. It is the most important method used for teaching and nursing field also. Nursing students can provide better care which gets sharpened by this method. In this method the teacher provide information in procedure or experiments manner by demonstration. It is easy to capturing the knowledge related to the topic. So, it an effective learning method. 


It is a process of teaching method which is explain by presentation, experimentation and proceduratic manner. It is visual teaching method. In this method teacher demonstrate procedures, actions and events related to the subject. It helps the students to understand the topic theoretically and practically. So, it is a best method of teaching. 

Purposes of demonstration method. 

  1. Provide the effective learning activity. 
  2. To teach new procedure. 
  3. To improve the students knowledge. 
  4. Facilitate application of observation techniques and skill in nursing situations. 
  5. To understand the patients condition by observation. 

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  • Provide the correct information to the students while perform the demonstration. 
  • Explain the topic from instruction to till conclusion and proper step of activity in a logical manner. 

Types of demonstration method. 

There are mainly two types of demonstration. Individual and group demonstration. 

Demonstration method of teaching

  • 1. Individual demonstration. 

Individual demonstration is a procedure which is demonstrated to a single student at a time. For example individual demonstration is recording blood pressure. 

  • 2. Group demonstration. 

Group demonstration is a procedure which is demonstration in a small group.   

Phases of demonstration method. 

There are three phases of demonstration. 

1. Planning and preparatory phase. 

It is the first phase of demonstration, in this phase a teacher prepare all the necessary equipment. Which is helps to create conducive learning environment. While perform the demonstration is used some activities are as follows – 

  • Prepare the information on the basis of theoretical manner. 
  • Show the diagram to gain the students attention while performing the demonstration. 
  • Lecture should be suitable and appropriate for the students. 
  • Create plan for maximum participation of students. 

2. Performance. 

Teacher can clarify the doubt of the students. A teacher is plays a major role in demonstration. And teacher has positive attitude towards the demonstration. So, demonstration can be successful by the teacher. 

Remember the following points in mind – 

  • It should have ability to understand for the students while perform the demonstration. 
  • The topic should be highlighted while performing the demonstration. 
  • Explain every steps in detail. 
  • Arrange all the equipment before start demonstration. 
  • Explain the topic slowly and show the picture which is helps to easy memorizing for the students. 
  • Ask the question for clarification. 
  • Summarize the topic towards the end of the procedure. 

3.Evaluation phase. 

It is the last phase of demonstration. It is an evaluation stage of the students by asking questions. Recording of the procedure also plays an important role in evaluation. 


There are so many advantages of demonstration as following- 

  1. Demonstration is improve the students cognitive skills. 
  2. It is proceduratic manner teaching which easy to understand for students. 
  3. It improve the critical thinking skills and concentration level can be improve. 
  4. This teaching method is capture the students attention and interest. 
  5. In nursing field, this method helps to improve their observation skills while taking care of the patient. 
  6. This is a easy and understandable method. 
  7. Through this method, we can explain the topic by showing some pictures, diagrams etc. 
  8. In short time we can perform a lot of information through the demonstration method. 


There are no major disadvantages. 

  • This time consuming teaching method. 
  • Some time the students gets confusion and difficulty to understand. 
  • Demonstration it is not properly handled can lead to waste of time and energy of the students. 
  • Demonstration is not for all topics. Careful section of the topic is must for demonstration to be successful.

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