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The Lecture Method in Sociology.

Lecture method. 

The word lecture is derived from the Latin word Lactare means To read aloud. It is one of the oldest teaching method. In lecture method teacher plays very autocratic role to control the students. The lecture methods can build interest of the students. So, it is a overall good teaching method. 


Lecture is a process of discuss something or share information about a particular topic, which is includes various facts, principles, concepts etc. It is a doubt clarify method because it is presented in a systematic and detail manner. 

Types of lecture methods. 

There are two types of lecture method. 

Purposes of lecture method

  • Formal method. 

It is mainly uses by the teacher. In this method teachers are teaches in detail and diagrammatic manner in classroom. When the lecture is going on students should listen the class. So, it is called formal lecture. 

  • Informal method. 

Informal lecture method is discuss a particular topic by anyone in front of group or crowd . In this method to active the participants through the questioning. 

Purposes of lecture method. 

The purposes of lecture method describe below – 

  • 1. To provide knowledge. 

The main objective of the lecture is to provide knowledge. In lecture method, students should listen the lecture while teacher teaching any particular topic. The lecture methods are other wise known as student oriented approach. So, it provide a lot of knowledge. 

  • 2. To motivate and guide students in exploring knowledge. 

The learner gain knowledge from the teacher. A teacher can not give all information or motivation. But a group of teacher can give more information. Teacher can motivate the students towards the goals. This method is motivate the students to study hard. So, the lecture methods are motivate the students. 

  • 3. Stimulate students interest in a subject. 

Lecture method is very useful for the students in stimulating the interest in a subject. Now in the institution a particular subject for particular teacher. The teacher explain the subject or topic based on the students need with the help of lecture method. So, it is helps to promote students interest. 

  • 4. To clarify new, difficult and complex concepts. 

It is best way to clarify students doubt and complex & difficult concept. Lecture is face to face conversation. When the students having any difficulties in study the teacher can clarify the doubt by the lecturing. 

  • 5. To promote critical thinking. 

A method of the teaching can promote the students critical thinking. But lecture method is little different because it is very easy to understand. By the lecture method can promote the students critical thinking skills. The teacher can stimulate critical thinking among students by asking challenging questions. 

Lecturing techniques.

Lecturing techniques are as follows – 

  • Efficacious dissemination of information. 
  • Gradation of vice and voice quality. 
  • Adequate pacing. 
  • Proper language. 
  • Control annoying mannerisms. 
  • Judicious use of audio visual aids. 
  • A layout and key point. 
  • Elicit feedback students. 

So these are the lecturing techniques.


There are so many advantages. 

  1. It provide the factual material in direct systematic and logical manner. 
  2. It promotes students creative thinking skills. 
  3. Lecture method is one of best way of clarify the doubt. 
  4. Stimulate the students interest. 
  5. Students can gain a lot of knowledge or information from the lecture. 
  6. It is motivate the students towards goals. It improve the concentration and listening capacity of the students. 


  1. There are many disadvantages of lecture. This method makes the students passive learner. All subjects experts may not be good teacher, so as all teachers may not deliver good lecture. 
  2. It is not possible to understand all the students. 
  3. Learning objective might not be attained it the lecture is delivered without much preparation by the teacher. This is considered to be one of major limitations of lectures. 

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