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What is Teaching Methods? Characteristics and Guidelines.

Teaching methods. 

The teaching method is one of the backbone of teaching learning process. Teaching methods are important for the both classroom and clinical teaching. Clinical field is refers to the prepare good nurses, who is provide quality care. Learner, teaching learning objectives and teaching methods are essential elements apart from teacher. So, these three components are major thing of teaching method. 


  • To provide effective and correct learning. 
  • It is force the students toward the goals. 
  • Through the teaching method students should be able to exchange their ideas and information. 
  • To provide quality education and a lot of knowledge in a shortest possible time. 
  • To solve the students study related problems. 

Classification of teaching methods. 

According to the learner needs different methods are selected. In this article we discuss only two classification. 

  • Democratic methods. 
  • Autocratic methods. 

Autocratic classification is dominated by the teacher. Examples of autocratic methods are lecture method, demonstration, tutorials, narration etc.  And democratic methods includes group discussions, problem solving, project work etc. 

Characteristics of good teaching methods. 

  1. Clarify the topic and doubt of the students. 
  2. Attracts the students concentration and interest. 
  3. It stimulates the students to learn further. It encourages the students toward goals. 
  4.  Enables students to demonstrate skills required for patients care  
  5. It provide knowledge in detail manner. 


  1. Selected methods for teaching should be subjective and objective content. 
  2. It should be suitable for the students. 
  3. Selected method should be build up the students interest.  
  4. Use of modern technology, it promotes teaching learning activity. 
  5. Psychological principles uses in the teaching learning process. The psychological principles like, reward, reinforcement etc. Provide the quality education. 


  • This is help to improve students knowledge. 
  • It improves our thinking skills. 
  • It helps to invent new teaching method.

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