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Modern Family! Features of Modern Family in Sociology.

Modern family. 

Modern family is refers to the smallest family which is consists of husband, wife and their children. The modern Families are separates from the joint family and they are makes separate house. The modern family members are independence. Modern family women are earning the money. 

Features of modern family. 

The features of modern family as follows – 

Features of modern family

  • Economic independence. 

Modern Families are economically strong or independence. Because the husband and wife both the persons are earning money. Now women are getting job opportunities. 

  • Smaller family. 

Modern Families are smallest family which is includes the husband, wife and their children. Modern family does not contain any other person. They are not like more than two children. 

  • Decline of religious control. 

The modern family is almost away from the religion. They are survive in modern life. They are happy with their children. 

These families are separate from the joint family. They are moving towards the cities. They are like to work in the industry. 

  • Laxity in sex relationship. 

The modern family sex relationship is laxity. 

  • Control population. 

Modern family is small and it is good for the population control. The modern people are like only two children. So, these are population control family. 

  • Love marriage. 

Love marriages are the  feature of modern family. They are beliefs in love marriage. Now most of the families are perform love marriage. 

  • Education. 

Education is another feature of modern family. Modern family members are well educated. They are focuses on the education. 

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