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The Different Forms of Marriage in India.

The Different Forms of Marriage in India.


Marriage is one of the universal relationship. It is established two opposite sex persons. A marriage is a cultural process. A marriage is very purposeful in the society. 

Definition of marriage. 

Marriage as “The more or less durable connection between male and female lasting beyond the mere act of propagation till after the birth offspring. So, marriage is a relatively permanent bond between permissible mates. 

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Different forms of marriage in India. 

The forms marriage as following-

Different Forms of Marriage in India

#1. Polygamy. 

It is form of marriage which one man marries two or more women at the same time. This is called polygamy marriage. 

Polygamy marriage is divided into two types- 

  • Polygyny. 

Polygyny is a process of marriage where a man marries more than one woman. This marriage is more perform in India among the Nagas, Goud, and Bigas. 

The polygyny is divided into two sub-types – 

  • Sororal polygyny. 

This is a form of marriage which is perform by a man marries with the same sisters. It is known as sororate. The sororate refers to the sister. 

  • Non sororal polygyny. 

It is an another type of marriage of polygyny which is complete by a man marries two different women. It is not a relatives sisters. So, it is any one can perform. 

  • Polyandry. 

Polyandry is a type of marriage in which the woman can marries more than one man. So, it is called polyandry marriage. It is less number of marriages are perform. So, its not a popular marriage. 

Polyandry marriage is two categories- 

  • Fraternal polyandry marriage. 

It is a system where the two brothers are Marry one woman. It is called fraternal polyandry marriage. In this type of marriage one brother called husband and another is called levirate. 

  • Non fraternal polyandry marriage. 

This type of marriage in which the woman marry two different man. There is no long time relation but woman can spend time any one husband. 

#.2 Monogamy. 

Monogamy is a form of marriage which is one man marries one woman. Monogamy people are not marry two or more woman. This is a most popular marriage in the world. 

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