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The Age Pyramid. Types of Age Pyramid.

The age pyramid. 

Age pyramid popularly known as the population pyramid. It is the process of determine and distribution of population. Normally people are distribute by age groups or sex. It is typically takes a pyramid shape. The pyramid can be uses for showing the particular age group of population. It is indicates of reproductive capabilities and childhood of the continuation of a species. Number of people live in per square kilometer area is called population density. 

Structure of the pyramid. 

age pyramid

Usually the pyramid left side show in male and right side female population percentage. The population size is shown on the X – axis and age groups shown on Y – axis. The graph can use for the measure or percentage of the population. 

The age group of 0-4 population is high because the pyramid shown on the birth rate. 

Types of population pyramid. 

Population pyramid can be divided into three types- 

  1. Stationary pyramid. 
  2. Expansive pyramid. 
  3. Constrictive pyramid. 

#1. Stationary pyramid. 

The stationary pyramid describe the percentage of population. In this phase approximately the birth and death roughly balance one another. 

#2. Expansive pyramid. 

Expansive pyramid is the middle stage. In this stage people are young ages, characteristics of countries with a high birth rate and perhaps low life expectancy. 

#3. Constrictive pyramid. 

It is an older stage of population. In this stage population is decrease because of the death.  

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