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Changing Trends in the Modern Family.

Modern family. 

Modern family is refers to the smallest family which is consists of husband, wife and their children. The modern Families are separates from the joint family and they are make separate house. Modern family members are independence. And modern family women are earning the money. 

Changing trends in the modern family. 

The new modern family has changes some structure and functions.  The social economic, education, legal, scientific technology are responsible for the modern family changes. 

The following points are changing trends in the modern family.

Changing trends in the modern family


  • Industrialization. 

The family economic functions affect by the consequent birth of the factory system of production. And the family transferred it’s economic functions to the family. So, it is according to the 18th century industrial revolution. 

  • Economic independence of woman. 

Now India is independence country. Every individual has basic freedom. In present time women are well educated and they are getting job opportunities and the are earning. The independence of women are increases the economic status. 

  • Urbanization. 

Modern Family is small family because they are separates from the joint family. And they are moving towards the cities for getting job opportunities. The cities and industries are growing very fast because of modern family. 

  • Decline in birth rate. 

Due to modern family the birth rate is decreasing. Because these are small family. They are not want more than two child. 

  • Democratic ideals. 

In modern family woman is earning member. Woman now plays an important role in economic as well as political and social. Now women are business CEO and poverty owner. 

  • Decline of religious beliefs. 

The modern (Nuclear) family is not beliefs other. Due to the modern family religious beliefs is decreasing. 

  • Individualism and romantic love. 

Individualism and romantic love is widespread. Most of modern family did love marriage. They are individualism and decision maker. 

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The large number of divorce see in the modern family. They did love marriage. They are divorce each other because of misunderstanding. 

  • Parent youth conflict. 

Inter personal conflicts in the family are increasing an unusual amount of conflict between parents and their children are taking place. This is often devoted in terms of generation gap. 

  • Provide better status for women. 

The modern family women are enjoying almost the men. The women are incoming money and expenditure. The independence of women are increases. 

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