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Nature of Social Change in Sociology.

Social change. 

Change of social is natural. The social changes occurred in all societies. Social changes are may be favorable or unfavorable. 

It is refers to the something is happens new. It is includes climate, session, political, education etc. 


“Social change as any alterations as occurs in social organization that is the structure and functions of society”. 

Nature of social change. 

The nature of social change includes-

Nature of social change

  • 1. Social change is a universal phenomenon. 

It is natural or universal. Social changes occur in all societies. The population, technologies, material equipment and institutional structure all charges are social change. 

Changes of social mainly occurs in the community. When the social changes is taken place then the community is automatically changes. So, both are interrelated. 

  • 3. Social change occurs as an essential law. 

The social changes are very important because to develop  the community. It should be a slow process 

Social change shows chain reaction sequence. Social change is dynamic process of interrelated parts. When the session is changes then the climate changes are taken place. So, it is a chain reaction sequence. 

  • 4. Social changes results from the interaction of a number of  factors.  

Generally social changes are occurs when the change in technology, economic development or climate conditions. 

  • 5. Modification or replacement. 

Modification or replacement is changes the social. Now women rights are modified. So, today man and woman rights are equal. 

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