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Urban Slums in India. (Sociology).

Urban community

High development of villages are the urban community or the city. The city or urban community is called because of the religion, politics, high economy and industrialization. The urban community is famous for the industrialization. 

Urban slums in India. 

A slum is a high populated area and density of population is high. Usually the slums are located in the urban area. 

Urban slums are a high population density and they are living in a standard life. 

It has more educated people and they are work in government and private sectors. 

The urban slum has a unity to prevent communicable diseases and they are helps one another. 

Urban slums has more facilities than the rural slums. The facilities are includes educational, electricity, health, transportation and communication. 

A lot of industries and factories are available in the urban community. 

It do not have any joint family. But they have modern or nuclear family. 

The cities slums environment is man made. 

City slums don’t have agricultural occupation.  

It is a large community. It has impersonal interaction or secondary relationship. 

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