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The Bright and Dark Side of City Life in Sociology.

Urban community

High development of villages are the urban community or the city. The city or urban community is called because of the religion, politics, high economy and industrialization. The urban community is famous for the industrialization.

Bright and dark side of city life. 

The bright and dark side of city life is describe below-

Bright and dark side of city life

A. Bright side of the city life. 

  • 1. Job opportunity. 

The city people are well educated and they are more job opportunities because a lot of industries are situated in the city. They are as government and private sectors also. 

  • 2. Standard living. 

 City people are living in a standard manner. They have hygienic houses and nutrition based foods. And they are maintain the discipline. 

  • 3. High income and self dependent. 

The urban people are self dependent because they have job. They are earning more money and living happiness. Now income is very important to survive a peaceful life. 

  • 4. Better facilities. 

The cities are developed and they have more facilities. The facilities are includes – electricity , pure water supply, education facilities, transportation and communication facilities etc. 

B. Dark side of city life. 

  • 1. Housing and slums. 

Housing is a serious problem in the community. Due to the government hospital, industries, capitalists are covers the a large numbers of area. That’s why the housing land is decrease in the urban community. The housing problem mainly saw in the middle or poor people. A huge numbers of people are living without houses. 

  • 2. Crowding and depersonalization. 

Crowding is a major problem of the cities. The over crowding means a large number of people gathering in a small area. Some people are living together 5-6 members in one room. Due to over crowding spreads of diseases, creates mental illness. It is a apathy condition. 

  • 3. Water supply and drainage. 

Most of the cities situated in the hillside. Due to the hills they are unable to setup tube wells and motors etc. That’s why the water is major problem in urban community in India. The supply of government free water is limited. 

The urban community is having a problem of drainage. In India, drainage service is very bad. Spreads of infections, bad smells and a lot of waste are arises from the drainage. 

  • 4. Transportation and traffic. 

The transportation and traffic is a big issue of the cities. It arises the sound, environment and air population. 

  • 5. Power shortage. 

Due to the increases of electricity people are using the electrical gadgets. It is mainly effect on the health problem. 

  • 6. Population. 

Rapid growth of population creates a big problem in the urban community. The rural community people are moving towards the cities. The over population creates issue such as spreads of infections and increases global warming. 

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