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Social Attitude in Psychology.

Social Attitude! Definition, Concept, Elements and Functions.

Definition of social attitude.

Social attitude refers to the social mind setup. It is consists of the social beliefs, feelings and actions of an individual or group of individuals. And it is forces toward the objectives philosophies of an individual. Society is dependent on the social attitudes of individual. How people behave and deal each other. It is important for the society as well as educational institutions. Because it is familiar of our life.

The attitudes are organized and constitute the core of an individual. And attitude can fall anywhere along a continuum from very favorable to very unfavorable.

Concept of social attitude.

Social attitude is learned and organized through experiences of social problems. It is mental state of readiness. It is learned predispositions toward aspects of our social environment. These may be either positively and negatively directed toward people, service or institutions. So, the social attitudes become multidimensional and complex.

Components of social attitude.

There are three components/ elements of social attitudes as follows-

#1. An affective elements.

An affective is a common thing of an individual because no one individual is perfect. Because every individual has some problems, feelings etc. Affective elements such as feelings, sentiments, moods and emotions. So, through the social attitude we can express our inner feelings as well as emotions.

#2. A cognitive elements.

Social is large group of people where they have same rules & regulations. Social attitudes are important for spreading knowledge, opinions, philosophies, information held by the individual.

#3. A behavioral elements.

Social attitudes include some elements like philosophies, feelings, actions and as well as behavior also. The predispositions to get on a favorable or unfavorable assessment of something.

Function of social attitude.

Social attitude of functions are as follows-

Function of social attitude.

I) Adjustment function.

It is helps to adjust the individual in work place. When the faculty and students are well treated, their positive attitudes toward the education administrators and the institution. As a result of positive attitudes can lead to better learning and hard work in students. So, social attitudes plays a better role in well adjustment function.

II) Ego defense function.

As a result of ego can spoil of life. The social attitudes are works as a defense of ego. When the faculty and students has a lot of attitude it can leads towards the organization damage. So, social attitudes are plays an important role in ego defense.

III) Value expressive function.

It helps to express the individual self identity, attitudes, norms and values. The expressive function also helps individuals to define their self concept.

IV) Knowledge function.

A positive attitude is reaches a lot of knowledge of an individual. The knowledge function of social attitude is better observed in an behaviors of an individual.

So, the social attitudes are very important for life style and gaining knowledge.

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