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Technological Factors of Social Change in Sociology.

Social change. 

Change of social is natural. The social changes occurred in all societies. Social change is may be favorable or unfavorable. 

Social change is refers to the something is happens new. It includes climate, session, political, education etc. 


“Social change as any alterations as occurs in social organization that is the structure and functions of society”. 

Technological factors of social change. 

The technology is growing very fast in the world. The technology affects the society in various ways and modifies the old one of the society. It is effects the individual and social life. 

Technology is helpful for the people as well as defective is there. The technological factors of social change is includes-

Technological factors of social change

  • 1. Technological innovation. 

The technological innovation is helpful for individual. It develops the social and helps to the hard work. It refers to the adding some extra for diving new services. This is mainly focuses on the solution of social work. It has some side effects. Sound pollution can arise from the technological innovation.

  • 2. Economic institution.

Economic institution can change the social or develop the social. In the economic institution, where teaches about economy or business, how to earn money and develop the economic status. Economic institution is change the social life style and country also. 

  • 3. Social institution. 

Its a institution where teaches about the social life and social behavior. The social institutions are important to develop the society. Social institution is studies about the social environment, social culture and nature. 

  • 4. Social value. 

Social value may effect or change the social slowly. The social value is includes the tradition, religion and cultural beliefs of the people in society. And it is helps to achieve our goals. 

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