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What is Caste Panchayat in Sociology?

Caste system. 

The word “caste” is derived from the Spanish word “Casta” which means bread, race or a complex of hereditary qualities. The term caste is famous in India known by the name of “Jati”. The English word caste is an adjustment of the original term. 


When a class is some what strictly hereditary we may call it as caste. 

The caste status is wholly predetermine so that men are born to their lot without any hope of changing it, then class takes the extreme form of caste. 

Caste panchayat. 

Caste panchayat is a part of Indian caste system. It includes caste specific juries of elders for villages in community. A panchayat can be permanent or temporary. 

Types of caste panchayat. 

There are two types of caste panchayat as following – 

#1. Gram panchayat. 

The gram panchayat is known as the sabha. It is control by the elected members. Gram panchayat is resolution of criminal, civil disputes. And it is based on the gram people. 

#2. Urban panchayat. 

The urban panchayat setting are includes – 

Fused caste panchayats:- Characteristics of the fused caste panchayats are same in the village people. 

Transitional caste panchayats:- Urban caste panchayats are upgrading to modern caste panchayats. 

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