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What are the Advantages of Pamphlet?


A pamphlet is a printed aid which is made up of single sheet of hard paper. Other name of pamphlet is leaflet. The information is printed both sides of the pamphlet. It can be folded in half, in three, in fourth. 

The pamphlet is use for providing information related to the students or public. Pamphlet is mainly use to as a time table or chart. It is commonly use in the kitchen and medical science. Which is help to remember the things by see it. 


Instructions while prepare the pamphlet. 

  • The paper should single and hard and it foldable. 
  • The printed information should uniquely short manner. 
  • Write the information both sides of the page. 
  • Heading should highlighted. 

Advantages of pamphlet. 

The advantages of pamphlet as following-

  • Information can provide by the pamphlet. 
  • It attracts the audience interest. 
  • Pamphlet is improve our cognitive skills. 
  • Advertisement can give in the pamphlet by step manner. 
  • Easy to understand the topic. 


  • Preparation of pamphlet is time consuming process. 
  • Full information can’t given in the pamphlet. 

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