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What are the Four Main Factors of Social Changes?

Social change. 

Change of social is natural. The social changes occurred in all societies. Social change is may be favorable or unfavorable. It refers to the something is happens new. It includes climate, session, political, education etc. 


“Social change as any alterations as occurs in social organization that is the structure and functions of society”. 

The factors of social changes. 

There are four factors of social changes. 

factors of social changes

1. Geographical factor of social change. 

 The geographical factor refers to the natural changes Of the social. It creates the changes in social life. The geographical factors are an inorganic phenomenon which is influence the human life. It is mainly taken place surface on the world or planet. Geographical changes are slow process. Geographical factors are as following-

  • Hailstorm. 

Hailstorm can effect on the social change. The hailstorm is natural things. Hailstorms are effect on the agriculture, plants and even homes also. Strong hailstorm many breaks the house and big trees. So, it is impact on the social social change. 

  • Earthquake. 

Earthquake is a natural disaster which is effect on the social changes. It happens suddenly and it is an one type of shake. The earthquake is mainly effect on the houses, building and big trees and even land. Due to the earthquake may break building, roads crack and also break the high trees. 

  • Volcanoes. 

It’s an another cause of social change. It is also natural disaster. The volcanoes effect are includes burns, effect on the high plants and even homes. Volcanoes can arise the harmful chemical gases which is pollution of air.

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  • Floods. 

Flood is common factor of the social changes. Every year of Indian village people are suffering from the flood. Effect of the floods are includes soil excavation, spread of infection, communicable diseases, effect on the houses and on the ponds. The flood also effect on the animals as well as human beings. 

  • Famine. 

Its an other factor of social change. The famines are includes hunger, poverty, homeless and poor economic conditions. And it is effect on the human being. 

  • Tsunami. 

Tsunami is a waves in water body. It is mainly happens in the sea or lake. Due to the tsunami the surrounding areas are very badly losses. The tsunami breaks the houses, trees and can effect on the animals. So, the tsunami is a factor of social change.

2. Biological factors of social change. 

Biological factors are change the social. The biological factors are includes hereditary, sex relations and family. Some social arrangements such as restrictions or taboos on inter marriage, early marriage and war. 

3. Cultural factors of social change. 

The cultural factors are includes the material culture, non material culture and cultural lag. The material culture includes all the material things like tools, machines, houses, roads. Non material culture includes religion, government, education, customs etc. When the material culture and non material culture are change then the social life is changes. So, It is effect the social change. 

4. Technological factors of social change. 

The technology is growing very fast in the world. The technology affects the society in various ways and modifies the old one of the society. It is effects the individual and social life. 

Technology is helpful for the people as well as defective is there. The technological factors are as follows- 

  • Technological innovation. 

The technological innovation is helpful for individual. It develops the social and helps to the hard work. It refers to the adding some extra for diving new services. This is mainly focuses on the solution of social work. Technical innovation has some side effects. Sound pollution can arise from the technological innovation.

  • Economic institution.

Economic institution can change the social or develop the social. In the economic institution, where teaches about economy or business, how to earn money and develop the economic status. Economic institution is changes the social life style and country also. 

  • Social institution. 

Its a institution where teaches about the social life and social behavior. The social institutions are important to develop the society. Social institution is study about the social environment, social culture and nature. 

  • Social value. 

The social value may effect or change the social slowly. It is includes the tradition, religion and cultural beliefs of the people in society. And it is helps to achieve our goals. 

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