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What is the Role of Family in Health and disease?

Role of family in health and disease. 

Introduction of family. 

The family is the primary group. Family is a social institution and it is the basis of society. Family is center point of the social or community. And the family fulfills the basic needs of the society. Family is teaches us the habits or behavior. 

The term derived from the Roman word “Families” or the Latin word “Familia” meaning a household comprising or servants or workers and of slaves along with others individuals having marriage or blood relatives. 

The word like “Kutumba” and “Parivaar” have more or less the same meaning. 

Definition of family. 

Family is the biological, social unit, composed of husband, wife and children. 

Family is a durable association of husband and wife with or without children or of a man or woman alone with children. 

The family is defined as a group of people who are live in a society. The family includes husband, wife and their children. 

Characteristics of family. 

There are two types of characteristics. 

#1. The general characteristics of family. 

The general characteristics of the family includes- 

  • A mating relationship. 
  • A form of marriage. 
  • A system of nomenclature. 
  • Economic provision. 
  • A common habitation. 

#2. Distinctive characteristics of the family. 

The distinctive characteristics are includes- 

  • Universality. 
  • Emotional basis. 
  • Formative influence. 
  • Limited size. 
  • Nuclear position in the social structure. 
  • Role of members. 
  • Social regulation. 
  • A system of name. 
  • System of descent or lineage. 
  • Permanent and temporary in nature. 

Role of family in maintenance of health. 

Following point are important in maintenance of health:

Role of family in maintenance of health

  • Economic status of family. 

Economy or money is the very important to maintain the family. And the money is plays an important role in maintain health. Good family income people can buy nutritional foods. They can buy the vitamin, protein and energy rich foods or fruits. Economically strong individuals are take treatment and buy the healthy medication. So, it is one the important point to maintain health. 

  • Education. 

Education is very much important to survive in the world. Family education is essential component to the maintenance of health. Well educated families are know how to maintain health. And they are know-how to prevent the diseases and promote of health. 

  • Cleanliness. 

Cleanliness is plays a vital role in maintaining health. Every family people should have cleanliness. Cleanliness is promote the health. To maintain of health family cleanliness is very important. 

  • Avoid smoking and alcoholism. 

Smoking and alcoholism is causes painful death. Every parents should avoid the smoking and taking of alcohol and their children also. 

Exercise. The exercise is important methods to maintain health. Through the exercise we can achieve the good health. The family exercise includes running, walking, dancing etc. 

  • Proper housing. 

Proper housing is very essential needs of every individual. Without sunlight no one can survive. Make a proper house with door, window and ventilation. The sunlight and air should be come in the door and window. So, it is important to maintain health. 

  • Proper hand washing. 

Before the taking of food we should hand wash properly using the soap and water. And wash hand after using the toilet and all. 

Role of family in prevention of diseases. 

Role of family in prevention of diseases

  • Cleanliness.  

Cleanliness is important to prevention of diseases. Every family should have cleanliness. The cleanliness prevent the disease. Proper bathing, hand washing is important. 

  • Education. 

Family education is very important to prevent diseases. They are known how to spread the diseases and prevention of diseases. 

  • Safety food. 

The food safety is very need to maintain health and prevention of disease. Most of the diseases are birth or grow from the food. Don’t take the open food. So, it promote the health and prevention of diseases. 

  • Proper toilet facilities. 

Every family should have proper toilet facility. To clean the toilet use the savron solution.

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