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Family! Characteristics and Nature of the Family.

Introduction of family. 

The family is the primary group. Family is a social institution and it is the basis of society. Family is the center point of the social or community. And the family fulfills the basic needs of the society. Family is teaches us the habits or behavior. 

The term derived from the Roman word “Families” or the Latin word “Familia” meaning a household comprising or servants or workers and of slaves along with others individuals having marriage or blood relatives. 

The word like “Kutumba” and “Parivaar” have more or less the same meaning. 

Definition of family. 

Family is the biological, social unit, composed of husband, wife and children. 

Family is a durable association of husband and wife with or without children or of a man or woman alone with children. 

The family is defined as a group of people who are live in a society. The family includes husband, wife and their children. 

Characteristics of the family. 

There are two types of characteristics of family. 

Characteristics of the family

#1. The general characteristics of family. 

  • A mating relationship.

Relationship between man and woman is called mating relationship. A family is very depends on the relationship. It may be long time and duration relationship. 

  • A form of marriage. 

To make a family marriage is very important. Without marriage no one can makes family. After marriage physical relationship possible according to the Indian law. 

  • A system of nomenclature. 

Every individual has their own name. Peoples are know by the name. Similarly every family is known by a name. The former system is known as patrilocal family and the latter as matrilocal family. 

  • Economic provisions. 

Every family had a economic provision. The economy is very needs for the bearing, educating and rearing. 

  • A common habitation. 

Habits is the every life working. Family members has their common habits each other. Normally wife is joint the husband house and adjust their habits. This process known as the patrilocal. 

#2. Distinctive characteristics of the family. 

  • Universality.  

The family is found in the all societies. Every family has their own culture, roles, regulations, norms and values. Every family follow the community setup. 

  • Emotional basis. 

Every individual has the love, affection etc. The family is basis on the emotion. Every children expect love, eager, help from the family. 

  • Limited size. 

Family is a small group. The smallness group make a greater relationship each other like husband, wife and children. The family is is social organizations, institutions as well as social and cultural structure. The family is also primary group. 

  • Social regulation. 

The social regulation means controlling the social or society. The family is an organization which regulate the society. Through the family we learn the discipline, personality development and socialization. 

  • Role of members. 

Every members of family some particular role. The father is incoming money and rolling the family. The mother roles are cooking food and then work of the family. Every members of family has some roles and responsibilities. 

  • Permanent and temporary in nature. 

Nature is nothing, it is a habits. The permanent nature comes from the generation to generation. But the temporary nature which is getting from the social or society. 

  • A system of name. 

Generally every individual has their own particular name and sure name. The sure name derived from the father and mother side. 

Nature of the family. 

Nature of the family includes- 

  • A family consists of husband, wife and children. 
  • Family is a unit of socialization. 
  • The family is basis on the love, affection etc. 
  • The family is like a institution or organization. 
  • It is small and primary group. 
  • All members has their common habits of a family. 
  • The family is universal. 
  • Social is control by the family. 
  • Family is limited size. 
  • Every members of family some responsibilities. 
  • Every family has their own culture, religion, customs, values and norms. 
  • A family is a part of community. 
  • No one can survive without family 

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