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joint Family! Characteristics of Joint Family in India.

Joint family! Characteristics of joint family. 


The joint family is a group of people where three generations living together. Husband, wife, married and unmarried children. The joint family is institution in many traditional societies. 

Definition of joint family. 

Joint family is a group of people who generally live under one roof, who eat food cooked at one hearth, who hold property in common and who participate in common family worship and are related to each other some particular type of kindest. 

Characteristics of joint family. 

There are so many characteristics of joint family as follows – 

Characteristics of joint family

  •  Depth generation. 

A joint family consists of three generations such as grand parents, parents and children. Depth generation refers to the own parents and their parents generation. It means grand parents generation. Uncles, aunts, cousins and grandsons also living together in a joint family. So, it is a basic characteristics of a family.

  • Common roof. 

Due to the employment and house problem the joint family are living together under the same roof. 

  • Common kitchen. 

Joint family prepare their food in a common kitchen because they belongs to the common or joint family. 

  • Common worship.  

Common worship refers to the religious tradition. Joint family members has a common worship and ceremony. So, it is very important for the healthy family.

  • Common property. 

The joint family totally depends on the head of the family. Joint family has a common property. Total income of the family members submit their earnings to the head of the family. 

  • Arranged marriage. 

Joint Families are have a process of arranged marriage system. The head of family decide of its members to marriage. So, now this system is changed. 

  • Procreation. 

Joint Families are like a institution. Normally joint family is bigger. Procreation rate is high in the joint family. Now it is changed. 

  • Self sufficiency. 

Joint family is self sufficient because it’s members are earn money. The joint family is not depend on other family. In rural families were self reliant. So now this system is changed. 

  • Exercise of authority. 

Some particular joint family maintain its members health. The family head advises to exercise properly and take rest.

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