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3 Models of Counselling.


Counselling is a purposeful relationship between counselor and counselee.  The counselling is a dynamic relationship. 


Counselling is defined as the assisting process that the counselor is facilitates the students to enable their problem solving skills, enable of coping and enables to make changes himself. 

Counselling meaning. 

It is a specialized service of guidance. Counseling is designed for the students to activate learning process. It is take good decisions and responsibilities for self. 

Models of counselling. 

There are three models of counselling-

models of counselling

#1. Explore. 

The exploration is include the psychological tests. The Counselor is conduct the psychological tests among the learners to check the learners intelligence, ability and mental behavior. There is the counselor provide support the learner because they can fear. 

The following points are need to the therapeutic relationship- 

  • Listening. 

Active listening is a major part of counselor. The counselor should listen the client problems actively. And there is active communication process done by the counselor by providing facts and feeling being understand. 

  • Paraphrasing. 

The main purpose of its to summarize the issues by the counselor or nurse. The counselor should try to solve the problems. 

  • Reflection. 

It is form of paraphrasing that is generally limited to the feelings. 

#2. Understanding. 

The counselor should try to understand the issues and try to give better solution to the client. 

The counselor set realistic goals for the clients. The valuable goals should be set. There are two setting of goals. 

  • Problem reduction. 

Increase the thinking ability and reduce the problem. 

  • Laddering.

It is a process of goals hierarchy and clarify the goals. Once clarified it may be possible to come up with different alternatives for achieving them. 

#3. Action. 

The action is helps to force toward achieving the objective which is very purposeful. And the counseling helps to solve the problem related to the objectives. 

Brainstorming is a technique when a small group of individual share their opinions, some opinions may be usable or unusable. 

Self awareness is main point of nursing education. The counselling is helps to develop the self awareness or self concept. The self concept is provide a strong to do nursing care. So, the self aware is important in guidance and counselling process. 

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