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Areas Of Guidance in Psychology.


Guidance is a own self inner growth of an individual. It is helps to adjust in the community. In the community a lot of people are there and some problems also. The guidance is helps to assistance to solve their problems. It is helps to personality of an individual. 

In educational setting guidance is plays an important role in various, levels or stages of education. Some time students are bore of the study, class, writing etc. That time the guidance is helps to relax the students. The guidance is designed for students because more effective teaching learning activities. 


Guidance is a process of self awareness and develop the inner ability and it helps to solve the problems of the individual. 

Guidance is a conscious process of individual development, to their maximum capacity, in the direction which is most beneficial to self and to the society. 

It is a process through which an individual is able to solve their problems and pursue a path suited to their abilities and aspirations. 

Guidance meaning. 

Guidance is gives assistance and development of aspects of individual. The guidance is mainly focuses on the attitude, personality and interest. In educational setting guidance is helps to solve the issues related to the topic. 

Areas of guidance.

There are three types of areas of guidance.

areas of guidance

#1. Educational guidance. 

Educational guidance is the first areas of guidance. Its need when the students are choose to higher education. It helps the students to adjust in institution and hostel life also. It is helps to solve their problems related to the education. The educational guidance is requires for career opportunities. Sometime students are boring with the study and that they are need educational guidance to inspire. 

The educational guidance is helps to promotes their interest. And it is develop the students knowledge and cognitive process. Intellectual level will be increase by a good guidance. Educational guidance can make a successful life. It is promotes the students motivation towards the purposeful goals. 

Following points should be remembered. 

  • It shows various way to decision making for higher education. 
  • In choosing right course. 
  • It brings improvement in their academic performance. 

Objectives of educational guidance. 

  • It leading a successful life. 
  • Educational guidance helps to students understand the topic. 
  • To promote the self awareness and thinking skills. 
  • It develops the students ability and the interest. 
  • To promote harmonious and holistic development of students. 
  • Problem solving related to the education or topic. 

#2. Vocational guidance. 

Vocational in the sense of occupation. It is a process of opportunity to job and prepare for it. It is helps to making decision for bright future. The vocational guidance is mainly focuses on the professional life. Right direction can make by the vocational guidance. By the vocational guidance we can make career. And the students can inspire to purposeful goals. This is find out the suitable occupation.  

Objectives of vocational guidance. 

  • It helps the students to gain knowledge. 
  • It helps the advance skills in life. 
  • This is helps to make purposeful decision. And it helps to job opportunity. 
  • Career making process.

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#3. Personal social guidance. 

It is deals with the problems which is not come under the education and vocational guidance. It is provide support emotional problems, mental illness etc. 

Objectives of personal social guidance. 

  • To develop the self preparation. 
  • To solve the problem of social. 
  • It improve the ability of an individual intimate and execute plans. 

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