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What are the Six Most Common Principles of Counselling?


Counselling is a purposeful relationship between counselor and counselee.  The counseling is a dynamic relationship. 


Counselling is defined as the assisting process that the counselor is facilitates the students to enable their problem solving skills, enable of coping and enables to make changes himself. 

Counselling meaning. 

It is a specialized service of guidance. Counseling is designed for the students to activate learning process. It is take good decisions and responsibilities for self. 

Principles of counselling. 

There is various principles of counselling.

principles of counselling

#1. Principle of acceptance. 

Every nurse or counsellor should give response of clients rights. The counselee should accept client as a patient. Their care should equal for all patient. They should not justify the rich, poor, handsome, beauty etc. in nursing field. The teacher should respect the learner and should response the learner problems or issues. 

#2. Principles of permissiveness. 

Counselling is a relationship between the counselor and learner. The teacher should give permission express their issues. The teacher should give freedom to the students. 

#3. Principle of respect. 

The counselor should give respect the individual and their rights. Counselor should collaborate the individual decision making. For example a individual comes with some issue to counselor, the counselor should listen the issues and try to solve his/ her issues. 

#4. Principle of thinking. 

Counselling is a process of thinking for the learner or individual. The counselor should thinking about the individual problems. And counselor should think how to give better solution to the individual problems. 

#5. Principle of learning. 

Learning is a ongoing process. The learner can learn by the counselor. The counselor know the various strategies of learning process. 

#6. Principle of democracy. 

Every individual are unique and they have independent. All the principles of counselling are fundamentally based on the ideas of democracy. The democracy is accept the person and give respect their rights.

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