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Types of Counselling in Education.


Counselling is a purposeful relationship between counselor and counselee.  The counselling is a dynamic relationship. 


Counselling is defined as the assisting process that the counselor is facilitates the students to enable their problem solving skills, enable of coping and enables to make changes himself. 


It is a specialized service of guidance. Counselling is designed for the students to activate learning process. It is take good decisions and responsibilities for self. 

Types of counselling. 

There are three types of counselling. 

types of counselling

#1. Directive counselling. 

Directive counselling is directly relations between counselor and learner. They are provide information in face to face manner. The directive counseling is as a prescriptive counselling. The counselor is solve the problems by the direct communication. And the counselor is identify and diagnose the problems. And they are try to solve their problems. So, it is a effective type of counselling. 

#2. Non directive counselling. 

It is otherwise Known as client centered counselling. There is the counselor is provide information and guide by indirectly. Counselor only directs and guides the session and counselee is allowed free expression. 

#3. Elective counselling. 

It is evaluate the directive and non directive counselling. 

It synthesis of directive and non directive counselling. 

Elective counselling is solve the problem with the help of counselor and learner. 

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