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Definition of Guidance in Education.


Guidance is a own self inner growth of an individual. It is helps to adjust in the community. In the community a lot of people are there and some problems also. The guidance is helps to assistance to solve their problems. It is helps to personality of an individual. 

In educational setting guidance is plays an important role in various, levels or stages of education. Some time students are bore of the study, class, writing etc. that time the guidance is helps to relax the students. The guidance is designed for students because more effective teaching learning activities. 


Definition of guidance. 

Guidance is a process of self awareness and develop the inner ability and it helps to solve the problems of the individual. 

Guidance is a conscious process of individual development, to their maximum capacity, in the direction which is most beneficial to self and to the society. 

 It is a process through which an individual is able to solve their problems and pursue a path suited to their abilities and aspirations. 

Meaning of guidance. 

Guidance is gives assistance and development of aspects of individual. The guidance is mainly focuses on the attitude, personality and interest. In educational setting guidance is helps to solve the issues related to the topic. 


  • Guidance is helping and assisting in nature. 
  • It develops the ability of an individual. 
  • It is related to the self awareness. 
  • Guidance is force towards the problems solving. 
  • The guidance is show the direction of development of an individual. 
  • Depression or stress can reduce by the guidance. 
  • The guidance is more of an art than a science. 
  • Assists in achieving the goals. 

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