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What is Computer Short Answer for Class III-VIII?


Computer is a electronic device which is most popular device in the world. It is a A-V aid that is commonly uses in the teaching. A computer having input, storage or memory, control, logic and output. The major part of the computer is hardware. The data is stored in the storage or memory. And the computer has a CPU (Central Processing Unit). The input and output units transfer the data.


Through the computer we can make video, notes, prepare the information effectively, pictures, diagrams etc. which is essential for the learning activity. The computer has a monitor which is uses to displayed the data, pictures, videos etc. The teacher can show the picture, diagram in various purposes like to give the detail information, to promotes the students interest and effective leaching learning.

Uses of computer.

  1. The computer is use to store the data, information, notes, videos etc.
  2. To show the pictures, diagrams and videos.
  3. Easy to teach the topic.
  4. We can show the picture related to the topic.
  5. We can use the internet through the computer. The students can use Google and a lot of information can find out.
  6. It is useful for making notes, data, picture and diagram.
  7. We can store the classroom videos.
  8. Computer is use to effective learning activity.


  • We can store the data for future use.
  • It promotes the students interest.
  • In the dim lighted area we can use the computer.
  • It promotes our observation skills and cognitive process.
  • The computer is develop our technological knowledge.
  • Through the computer we can enlarge the images.


  • It is more expensive to buy a computer.
  • It requires electricity, without electricity we can not use the it.
  • Too much use of computer can effect on the eyes and harmful for the health.

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