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Slide Projector in Education.

Slide projector.

Slide projector is a small piece of transparent which is use to show the real things or images. It is a projected aid. In this slide projector generally 20-50 slides and about 1.5 meters long filmstrip.

It is a electronic device that represent a thing in enlarge manner. A slide can be prepares by the photograph and pictures. It is made as per community. And the slide projector is helps the teaching learning activity. The standard size of the slide projector is about 2”×2” any 35 cm camera can make satisfactory slide.

slide projector

Advantages of slide projector.

  • It develops the students observation and cognitive skills.
  • It promotes the students interest in the classroom.
  • Through the slide projector we can enlarge the images and pictures.
  • The slide projector can use in the dim lighted area.
  • Easy to revise and update.
  • This is useful for the individual or group.
  • It is represents the real images.

So these are the advantages of slide projector.

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