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Overhead Projector (OHP) in Education.

Overhead projector (OHP).

An overhead projector is a device of A-V tool, which is uses in teaching. It is a effective teaching tool which comes after the blackboard. It has a bright screen that is use in a dim lighted room. In the board we can draw the picture and diagram. The students can take notes easily while represent the topic.

It is a projected aid. This is a simple projector compare of other projectors. The overhead projector is use to effective teaching learning activity.

Purposes of OHP.

  • To give detail concept of the topic.
  • For meaningful learning.
  • To capture the audience interest.
  • The teacher can carry their own notes in the form of transparencies to the classroom.

Points to be remembered while using OHP.

  • Place the screen above the head of the learner.
  • The screen should be full view for the all learner.
  • Use the proper light while present the OHP.
  • Transparency is a 10×10 inches sheet with either printed or hand written material.

Points to be remembered while preparing transparencies.

  • Arrange the picture and diagram related to the topic.
  • Writing style should be simple.
  • Emphasize on the important points.
  • Focuses on the idea each transparency.
  • Use color pencils for effective.


  • It is improve the students observation and cognitive skills.
  • OHP observe all over the class.
  • Through the OHP we can represent the picture or diagram.
  • OHP learning is promotes students interest.
  • Students can easily understand the topic.


  • It requires good hand writing and a time consuming process.
  • It is expensive to buy the overhead projector.
  • Teachers mobility might get restricted while using OHP.

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