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Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review. Uses, Benifits.

Garnier Vitamin C Serum Review.

garnier vitamin c serum

The Garnier is a beauty and hair care brands which is most popular in India and other country also. This brand is medically approved. They are making face serum and hair care products. And their every products are medically varified which is usable for face and hair care. This brand reviews 4.5 rating. 

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Garnier Vitamin C Serum. 

Garnier Vitamin C Serum is most popular face serum of the brand. This Garnier Vitamin C Serum is one of the best selling Garnier Product. It is a face care product. It’s previously known as the Garnier Light Complete Vitamin C Booster Serum. But now it is known as Bright Complete. This is a 100% skin naturals.  

The Garnier Vitamin C Serum is work fast without any side effects and is remove the dark spots. It is dry skin convert into the glow skin. So, it is a best product for the face serum.

garnier vitamin c serum

Product Information. 

The Garnier Vitamin C Serum is a skin serum which is concentrate on brightening and spot production formula in skin care. It made by the vitamin C and Yuzu lemon extract. It is made with a lightweight and non oily formula that penetrates the skin instantly. And it is dermatologically tested and suitable for any kind of skin. 

How to use it? 

Step 1: Clean your face with the normal water or Garnier facewash if you have. After the face wash leave five minutes for pat dry. 

Step 2: Take a few drops of Garnier Vitamin C Serum and rub it slowly. And then dab the serum overall your face smoothly. 

Step 3: Gently pat until absorbed. 

Step 4: Facewash with normal water. 


  • Skin brightening. 
  • Skin smoothing. 
  • Remove dark spots. 
  • Infused with the vitamin C and lemon. 
  • Non greasy formula. 
  • It can suitable for any type of skin. 
  • Committed to green beauty. 
  • You can anywhere after use the face serum.
  • No effects on health.

Who can use it? 

The Garnier Vitamin C Serum can usable for any age after 12 year.

Official Website: www.garnier.in

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