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How many RAC seats gets confirmed in 3AC?

How many RAC seats gets confirmed in 3AC?

What is the 3AC and facilities in train? 

The 3AC otherwise known as AC 3 Tier. It is a one type of class in train. The AC coach is divided into three categories such as 1st Tier, 2nd Tier and 3rd Tier.  In this 3AC, there is six seats in one cabin. Total number of seats in the 3AC is about 72.

How many RAC seats gets confirmed in 3AC?

Facilities of 3AC. 

There is some facilities in 3AC in train. 

  • AC and proper light is available. 
  • Mobile charging facility. 
  • There is no extra people without confirmed ticket. 
  • They are give bedsheet and pillow. 
  • Hand wash (savlon) is available in the 3AC. 
  • No crowd and clean toilet facility. 

How many RAC seats gets confirmed in 3AC? 

RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation. It is a type of ticket in train.  

RAC 1-20 confirmation chances is about 90-100%. If the train is only AC class that case you have more chances to confirm the ticket. It is depend on your ticket booking. And ticket confirmation chances is more if you have booked three months ago. 

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How many RAC seats in 3AC coach? 

There are four berth per 3AC coach. Total 8 passengers are allotted in this 4 berth. So, only 8 passengers are  allotted in 3AC in each coach. 

Can I travel with RAC ticket in 3AC? 

Yes confirmed RAC ticket is allowed to travel in train in 3AC. In the RAC confirmed seat two passengers share the same berth. If any one passenger is not come that time the full seat is allotted for another passenger according to the IRCTC guidelines. 

What is the logic behind the RAC? 

The logic behind RAC is two passengers share one berth. An RAC ticket holder is given an empty berth if any quota is remains unsold, if there are any last minute cancellations.

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