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5 stages of demographic transition.

5 stages of demographic transition. 


The word demography is refers to the scientific systematic study about the population. 

The word demography is derived from the two ancient Greek word Demos meaning people and Logy meaning writing about or recommending something. So , the demography means writing about people. 

The demography is the study of people about changes in population size, patterns of birth, death and migration etc. The demography is based on the census. Demographic data is important for the development of welfare and planning implementation. 

Demographic Transition. 

The demographic transition is known as demographic cycle. It is refers to the phenomenon and population growth pattern. It is involve the birth rates and death rates. And it is describe the shift and migration of population.  

5 stages of demographic transition. 

5 stages of demographic transition.

#1. High stationary. 

In this state the birth rate and death rate are same and specific features. The population becomes stationary ultimately of this phase. High birth rate which is balanced with the high death rate in the year of 1901-1921. Birth rate is continuously increasing but high death rate because of some diseases like smallpox, plague, influenza etc. 

#2. Early expanding. 

In this phase birth rate is unchanged but death rate is dropping during the period of 1921 to 1951. The causes of dropping death rate was totally attributed to decline the mortality rate and people are slowly known about the cause, spread and prevention of diseases. And the medical facilities are increased during this phase. 

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#3. Late expanding. 

The death rate is drops further and birth rate may likely to fall during the period of 1951-1981. Due to the drops death rate the population growth is very high of this phase. 

#4. Low stationary. 

This phase is just opposite of high stationary. In this phase the birth rate and death rate both decline. In this phase some country population is controlled. 

#5. Declining. 

In this phase since birth rate is lower than the death rate population starts to decline.  

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