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Intel Pentium 4 Reviews! Microarchitecture, Prescott.

Pentium 4 is a strong processor which is single core CPU (Central Processing Unit) for desktops and laptops. The Pentium 4 processor is manufactured by Intel. This processor is launched in the year 2000. And it was active till 2010. 

All the Pentium 4 processor is based on the Netburst microarchitecture. The Pentium 4 firstly introduced Willamette which is 180nm on SSE2. Secondly the Pentium 4 introduced Prescott (90nm) on SSE3 and then Hyper Threading Technology. 

pentium 4

The Intel technology was implement 64 bit on Prescott but it was not enable. The Intel company began selling Pentium 4s processor by using E0. And the Pentium 4s processor is banned. And then they are officially launched 64 bit desktops processor. 


In evaluations, the benefits of the Netburst microarchitecture were unclear. They are optimized application code carefully. The Pentium 4s processor was not that much faster. It almost slower than Pentium III processor. And the Pentium 4s processor is more heat than the previous Netburst microarchitecture products or AMD processors. That’s why Pentium 4s processor was disable. 

After the Intel company developers develop the Pentium 4. It is support the SSE2. And it was called fastest CPU processor. The Pentium 4 processor is high premium. That’s why some desktops making company were a avoid this processor. Consequently the Intel Pentium 4 processor marketing  slowly down. 

Processor cores. 

All the Pentium 4 processor have an integrated heat spreader. And it is prevent from the heat and damage the processor. It is cooling solutions. The Pentium 4 processor was a slim faster processor.  


The Willamette is a project which was implement by the Netburst microarchitecture. The Willamette is a processor which was Pentium II. It was best selling processor of Intel. And it’s frequencies was about up to 1 GHz. After Pentium III realised Willamette was still being finished.  


The Northwood was a core processor name as Pentium 4s. It was speeds about up to 2.2GHz. It was a fastest processor. 


Prescott is a processor which is based on the 90nm. Its a strong faster processor. It was launch in 2004. It is describe as a major reworking of the Pentium 4s microarchitecture. The Prescott was microarchitecture allow slightly higher clock speeds. The Prescott Pentium 4s speed about up to 3.8 GHz.

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Product collection:- Legacy Intel Pentium processor. 

Code name:- Product formerly Northwood. 

Vertical Segment:- Desktop. 

Marketing status:- Discontinued. 

Performance specifications. 

Total cores:- 1 

Processor base frequency:- 2.8 GHz. 

Cache:- 512KB L2 Cache. 

Bus Speed:- 533 MHz. 

FSB Parity:- No. 

TDP:- 68.4W. 

VID Voltage Range:- 1.34V-1.525V. 

Package specifications. 

Sockets supported:- PPGA478. 

TCASE:- 70°C. 

Package size:- 35mm × 35mm. 

Processing die size:- 131mm². 

# of processing die transistors:- 55 million. 

Can Pentium 4 run windows 10? 

Pentium 4 processor is smoothly run on windows 10. It is a processor based on windows. And it is suitable for the desktops and laptops. The Pentium 4 is a strong processor and it is faster processor. All Pentium 4 processor is run on windows 10. 

Is a Pentium 4 processor good? 

Pentium 4 processor is a good processor which is smoothly run on windows. It is applicable for desktops and laptops. 

How fast is a Pentium 4 processor? 

Yes Pentium 4 processor is a faster processor. The Pentium 4 processor frequencies was about 3.8 GHz. So, it is a good fastest processor for laptops and desktops.

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