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Is Intel Pentium good for gaming? Reviews!

Intel Pentium processor. 

The Intel Pentium is a series of processor and it is based on the Netburst microarchitecture. Until their processors such Pentium II, Pentium III and Pentium 4. 

Is Intel Pentium good for gaming? 

The Intel Pentium is not good for advanced level gaming. Intel Pentium processor is relatively for the simple or retro games. All new Pentium chips are come with certain new or unique features such as 4 logical processors. Pentium is a good processor which performance is like i3 processors. Is Intel Pentium good for gaming? 

If you want to play games in the Intel Pentium processor, you can play light simple games. Every game build algorithms and coding are not same. And if you want play high advanced games Intel Pentium processor is not good for gaming. 

Games are not only depends on the processor but also depends on the RAM. A processor is run fast based on the RAM. More RAM with high processor you can play any kind of game.  

And also the model and generation of the processor will be important. It depends on what Pentium processor you get. The older processor was practically shit. But the 7th generation become badass. Pentium g4560 is the absolute budget gaming CPU king. 

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Processor cores. 

All the Pentium 4 processor have an integrated heat spreader. And it is prevent from the heat and damage the processor. It is cooling solutions. The Pentium 4 processor was a slim faster processor.  


The Willamette is a project which was implement by the Netburst microarchitecture. The Willamette is a processor which was Pentium II. It was best selling processor of Intel. And it’s frequencies was about up to 1 GHz. After Pentium III release Willamette was still being finished.  


The Northwood was a core processor named as Pentium 4s. It was speeds about up to 2.2GHz. It was a fastest processor. 


Prescott is a processor which is based on the 90nm. Its a strong faster processor. It was launch in 2004. It is describe as a major reworking of the Pentium 4s microarchitecture. The Prescott was microarchitecture allow slightly higher clock speeds. The Prescott Pentium 4s speed about up to 3.8 GHz.  

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