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Avanti West Coast NHS Discount Ticket Booking Process.

Avanti West Coast. 

Avanti West Coast is a train operating companies in UK. It is the main train system in the UK. The passengers are traveling different country by this train. The company runs trains some of the biggest stations including London Euston, Birmingham New Street and Manchester Piccadilly. West Coast rail travel has seen Avanti West Coast take over from Virgin Trains. It is a safest and clean railway company. 

Avanti West Coast rail company are still providing discount. They are providing better services and improved stations. 

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Avanti West Coast NHS discount.

Avanti West Coast NHS discount

Avanti West Coast trains are still providing discount for the NHS staff. They are providing discount 20% on the health services. It is available all the train. To take this discount, NHS staff need to visit the Avanti West Coast Website and the health services discount page. After land the discount page you will need to read the terms and conditions.


Every train has fares with discount prices. This discount will be applied, if you have NHS ID card. And this discount can be applied to up to 9 adult passenger tickets. 

How to book tickets? 

Avanti West Coast trains has two options to book tickets, you can book tickets from the train station and online. If you want to book tickets from online, then you should book from the Avanti West Coast trains official website. If you booked from other website, it not valid for travel.

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Ticket book with discount you must have NHS ID card and use coupon code for online booking. 

For discount you must visit the Avanti West Coast trains official website and the health services discount page. The discount code is available on the health services discount page. 

Can I buy ticket online? 

Yes! You can buy ticket online. If you want to buy ticket from online, then you must buy from the Avanti West Coast trains official website. Other platform tickets are not valid for travel on the Avanti West Coast trains.  

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