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Tri Rail Buy Ticket Online! Discount Chart.

The Tri Rail.

The tri rail is a transportation system, which is comprised of six zones. Which is authority of South Florida Regional Transportation. In this transportation system there is five schedules are including weekday, weekend and holiday, holiday service, ride partner service, printable train schedules.

tri rail

It is special transportation system, where discount is available. The discount is applicable for the employer persons, students, children ages 5-12, seniors and persons with disabilities. One thing is you should have a discount card.

tri rail ticket discount chart

Passengers must have an easy card or a valid paper ticket to travel. If anyone travel without ticket it may result as fine of $50 to $1000. 

Tri Rail tickets. 

Tri Rail tickets are three types one is EASY card, EASY ticket and Valid paper ticket. The EASY card is applied from the station and the valid paper ticket you can buy from the train station. 

Tri Rail buy ticket online. 

There is no available option to buy tri rail tickets online. The paper ticket is available on the Tri Rail station only. The Tri Rail has mobile application where you can access all the information. You can track the real time and arrival time.

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How to buy Tri Rail tickets? 

The Tri Rail tickets are two types, paper ticket and easy card. You can take paper ticket from the station. 

Tri rail ticket vending machines. 

The Tri Rail ticket vending machines are available on the station. You can make tickets through the vending machines. It has a display to presenting the things and click buttons. 

Tri rail Round Trip Ticket. 

In the round-trip ticket, there is limited period to return. If you do not return, then you are not eligible for round trip travel. Next you will need a new ticket. 

Can I buy a tri rail ticket online? 

You cannot buy Tri Rail ticket online. E-ticket is not valid for Tri Rail travel. 

Where can I buy tri rail tickets? 

You can buy Tri Rail ticket from the station, and you can make an EASY card. There is two ways to travel, paper ticket and EASY card.

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