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What Is Psychoanalytic Couples Therapy.

Psychoanalytic Therapy.

The psychoanalytic was first developed by the Sigmund Freud at the end of 19th century. Psychoanalytical therapy indicator is presence of long-standing mental conflicts, which may be unconscious but produce symptoms. Psychoanalytic is focus on the cause of the problem. And the therapists try to find the problem, where it began. The aim of psychoanalytic therapy is to bring all repressed material to conscious awareness so that the patient can work towards the healthy resolution of his problems. 

Therapy Process. 

The therapy process to be positioned at the head of the patient and slightly behind, so patient cannot see the therapist. By this process decreases any kind of non-verbal communication between the two people. The patient is typically ready for the therapy. The therapist is tries to recall the experienced, emotions, memories from childhood. Some techniques are used for the psychoanalytic therapy.

What Is Psychoanalytic Couples Therapy.

Psychoanalytic couples therapy is a type of therapy. Couples therapy is conducted by the psychiatrist who is specialized in psychiatric. Couples therapy is needed when the relationship is affected by the misunderstanding. It addresses their problems and enhances their communication skills. This is provide them a healthy, fulfillment relationship.

 Psychoanalytic Couples Therapy.

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Psychiatrists who specialize in couples therapy may offer various types of couples therapy such as- 

  • Cognitive behavioral couples therapy. 

This type of couple therapy focuses on the negative behavior and thinking patterns. It helps to changes their behavior, thinking process and bad habits. 

  • Misunderstanding couples therapy. 

Misunderstanding can divert a normal people to abnormal. A family can have some misunderstanding but it is solve automatically. In this approach the psychiatrist solves the problem by the medical speeches. 

  • Emotional focused couples therapy. 

It deals with the emotional issues. The therapist helps the couples learn to communicate effectively and develop a stronger emotional bond. 

  • Psychodynamic couples therapy. 

This approach focuses on the exploring unconscious patterns of behavior and unresolved conflicts from the past that may be affecting the relationship. The therapist helps to solve the problems and build and strong relationship. 

Techniques of Psychoanalytic couples therapy. 

  • Interpersonal patterns. 

The therapist pays attention to the couple relationship and interaction. By bringing these patterns into awareness, the couple can work on breaking negative cycles and developing more constructive ways of relating to each other.

  • Transference. 

Psychoanalytic therapy places importance on the relationship between the therapist and patient. Transference occurs when the individual transfers unresolved feelings and patterns from past relationships onto the therapist. 

  • Attachment and intimacy. 

The Psychoanalytic couples therapy examines the couple’s attachment style and their impact on intimacy and emotional connection. This therapy helps the couple identify any attachment related anxieties. 

  • Exploration of the unconscious. 

The psychoanalytic therapy aims to explore the unconsciously conflicts and unresolved issues that may contribute to depression. And this therapy helps the individual to bring these unconscious thoughts and emotions into awareness. 

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