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Nature of Human Relations.

Characteristics/Nature and Factors Affecting Human Relations.

Human relation is a pattern, which is help makes link between the understanding self and existing communication in relation to others.

It is essential for maintain the good relations with others. A nursing profession is make a good relations with the patients. Every organization it is an accepted fact that good human relation skills makes a person as a good performer.

Definition of human relation.

Human relation is inspire the individuals in organizations to develop connective teamwork, which results them fulfill their goals.

According to Keith Davis, “Human relations deals with the motivating people in organizations to develop cohesive teamwork which leads them to fulfill their organizational objectives effectively”.

Nature of human relations.

  • Human relation can be very established in the organization. Where people communicate, act, interact with others. And they are share their own feelings, opinions, ideas and belief with others. So, the human relation can motivated or inspire the people.
  • Human relations are a process by which an individual fulfill his/her organizational goals by its team.
  • Members of an organization is contribute to fulfill the individual and group desire or satisfaction.
  • The desire or satisfaction could be economic, social or psychological.
  • Human relations are like institution which is improve an individual motivation by providing proper learning condition and training programs.
  • Human relations are derived from the diverse disciplines such as humanities, psychology, sociology and economics.
  • To develop over lasting human relations need the educational and non educational organizations.
  • It is an on- going activity (process).

Factors affecting human relations.

Human relations in many institution/organization are determined by:-

Factors affecting human relations.

#1. Individual (student/faculty).

Where is no individual there is no institution or organization. Individual is very important part of the institution. Each individual has their own unique, characteristics, attitudes and personality. While the students or faculty work together, the management should give attention their economic, social and psychological needs.

#2. The group as a whole.

To maintain of human relationship the group is best way. The group as a whole, plays a inevitable role in determining the belonging.

#3. The leader.

The leader or head of the institution/organization is helps to achieve their institutional goals.

#4. Teaching and learning environment.

It is a very essential components of achieving the institutional goals. The environment is very important to conceptual learning.

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