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What are the 4 Channels of communication?

Four channels of communication.

The word “communication” was invented from the Latin word Communis, which means common. It is a process of exchanging of facts, ideas, opinions and a means that individuals or organizations share the meaning and understanding with one another.

Communication is the process of exchanging information one to another.

Levels of communication.

There are three levels of communication as follows-

  1. Intrapersonal communication.
  2. Interpersonal communication.
  3. Public communication.

Channels of communication.

Communication of channels are includes-

channels of communication

#1. Verbal communication.

It is one type of communication process which is transmission of information through speak or face to face contact. And it is also direct contact or communication.

#2. Non verbal communication.

It is the process of communication through the use of facial expressions, eye contact, body language and feelings etc.

#3. Written communication.

It the way of communication which is communicate through the writing, typing or printing etc.

#4. Visual communication.

Visual communication is a process of communication through the viewing and showing something like, photograph, maps logos etc.

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