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Changes Occurred in Indian Village Community in Sociology.

Village community. 

The rural or village is derived from the Latin word “Villaticus” means belonging a farmhouse. 

The starting point of life is village with the sense of “we feeling and cooperation”. 

Rural community is refers to geographical boundaries where people are living together. It is village society. The rural people are mainly depends on the agriculture. So, the village people are less compare to the urban community. 

Definition of village community. 

“The rural community comprises of the constellation of institutions and persons grouped about a small center and sharing common primary interest”. 

Changes occurred in Indian village community. 

Now the villages are developing. The development of villages are naturally. But present time some artificial changes are there. The changes occurred in Indian village community as follows – 

Changes occurred in Indian village community

  • 1. Social life changes. 

The keep of caste and untouchability is on decline. It takes more time to practice casteism in Indian villages. 

The distribution of caste system is new equal. In the past time there was a lower caste and upper caste system. But modern time it is completely changed to all caste are equal. 

  • 2. Educational changes. 

The literacy rate was very low but in the modern time villages literacy rate is increasing. 

The past time lower caste children didn’t sits in the same branch with upper caste children. Modern time it’s totally changed.  But now the rural community women people are now educated. 

  • 3. Agricultural changes. 

In the previous time village people was uses the bio manure. But modern time a big changes see in the agriculture. The changes are includes such as high quality of seeds, machinery equipment, increases production, uses of chemical manure and technology. So, these are currently change in the agricultural fields.

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  • 4. Changes in economic life. 

The modern villagers are using the scientific agriculture. And they are starts using mechanical firming. High quality of seeds, chemical manure machinery equipment also. 

Now the agricultural production is increases and it changes in economy. And the village people are educated and they are getting job opportunities. 

  • 5. Changes in rural marriage and family. 

Past time there was child marriage. That’s why population is increased. But now it is totally ban by the government of India. The marriage age requires for boys are 21-24 years and for girls 18-21 years. 

The villages was joint family and they are living together in a roof. But now this system is totally changed into the nuclear family or modern family. The modern family includes husband, wife and their children. They have are only two children. 

  • 6. Political changes. 

The villages people was political unconscious, but now politics are takes place in the rural community. 

And the village people didn’t know the party wise election. But now village people are aware of it. So, now political leaders are ruling the rural community. 

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