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Four Disadvantages of Informal communication.

Advantages of formal communication.


The word “communication” was derived from the Latin word Communis which means common.

It a process of exchange of facts, ideas, opinions and a means that individuals or organizations share the meaning and understanding with one another. So, it is exchanging information with others.

Formal communication.

It is defined as the communication which is complete through the official/ discipline manner between two or more people.


  • It is a purposeful communication between the people’s.
  • It is attract the concentration the sender and receiver.
  • It is a discipline communication.
  • It is acceptable for anywhere.
  • There is no confusion amount the communicators.
  • It can improve the knowledge skills.
  • It improve the attention.
  • It can makes a good relationship.

Informal communication.

It is defined as the communication which is takes place unofficially or indiscipline manner between two or more persons. So, it is un-respected communication.

Disadvantages of informal communication.

  • There is no respect.
  • There is no discipline.
  • It is a normal discussion like, friends.
  • It may creates confusion among the people.
  • It may be wrong communication/information.
  • Informal communication is not acceptable for schools/colleges, bank, court etc.

So, these are the disadvantages of informal communication.

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